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Stepping Stones Day Nurseries began over 15 years ago in the rural village of Filby. We have since expanded our excellent provision and now have two nurseries on the outskirts of Norwich with easy access onto the Northern Distributor. We take pride as a team to ensure we provide the very best care within each of our nurseries to allow your children to develop to their full potential.

Spixworth - September 2024 Availability!

Holt - September 2024 Availability!

Please contact 01603 891150 to find out more referencing the site you are enquiring about.

Ages 6 months - 4 years
Open 7:30am - 6:00pm
50 weeks of the year

Meet the management team




I have been with Stepping Stones for over twenty years and have over 15 years experience of managing the company. I oversee the running of our two sites

I have a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Studies and have recently qualified as an Early Years Teacher.




I have worked with Stepping Stones since July 2011 and began working at Filby. In 2014 I was involved in the opening of our Frettenham nursery. I am now based at our Spixworth site and have been managing Spixworth since 2016. I also support and work alongside the manager of our Holt nursery. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Early Childhood Studies and have recently qualified as an Early Years Teacher.




I have been with Stepping Stones since 2015. Throughout my time training, I gained lots of valuable knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop and in 2017 I started my Early Years Teacher qualification which I completed in 2018. I now support the Educational Curriculum across the two sites.

More Information about us.

Within Stepping Stones we are aware that every child has a way of learning that is unique to them. We respect this and feel that due to every area of development (physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional) being equally as important, that as a team we are working together daily to provide an enabling and positive environment so that each child that attends has the opportunity to thrive.


As a highly motivated and qualified team, we work hard to enhance learning, by expanding the environment and providing enhancement and next steps, for individual assessment programs. We are here to ensure the nursery is set out in a child-friendly and organised manner, providing areas such as gardening, creative, outdoor etc. that promote optimum opportunities of learning, for a diverse age/interest range. We do this by using part of the continuous provision format, through pictorial evidence, observations and written assessments. Within this we feel this is a fabulous way to encourage children to work at their own levels, where they can extend their learning through exploration trial and error. All these experiences are then enhanced by our highly qualified staff, to ensure all learning areas are covered.


Our provision works within the ‘EYFS’ – (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines and is regulated by Ofsted.


Activities always start at the simplest level, working upwards within a child centred approach, to give your child confidence to develop slowly but positively forward, towards their ultimate goal of understanding.


Our first Stepping Stones Day Nursery opened over 15 years ago.​ 

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